How This Story Started

The study of theology and philosophy is my hobby. These two important disciplines have always captivated my imagination and interest.  As indicated in the bibliography on this website, I have spent over a decade reading every book I could obtain on theology and philosophy and comparative religion.

I have participated in many discussions about religion with family members, friends and fellow retirees. In particular, discussions I engaged in with my fellow “Winter Texans” each season on South Padre Island, Texas motivated me to write a series of books on comparative religion and apologetics, the branch of theology that deals with a logical defense of the Christian religion.

I believe that God wants us to be sure of our salvation; the Bible explicitly instructs us to be diligent to confirm our “calling and election.” Believers have a particular duty to work toward attaining certainty about their salvation, and my recognition of this duty inspired me to write nine books for my series I call The Cabana Chronicles: Conversations about God. Hopefully, their publication will provide the same opportunity for anyone who wishes to strengthen their Christian faith or for anyone who desires to pursue the truth.

Since theologians concur that Christianity has been replaced in the West by the belief system of secular humanism, I was determined to write the first book comparing these two religions.  The tragic events of 911 prompted me to engage in an intense study of Islam, and I was subsequently motivated to write a book which compares Christianity to that religion. Of course, a discussion of these two great monotheistic religions would not be complete without addressing Judaism as well so I also included a study of this great religion in my book as well. Since I have been a member of several of the major denominations of the Christian Church over the years, I was determined to finish off my series with a book comparing these denominations and added a comparison between the Mormon religion and Christianity as a caveat.

These books are not “preaching to the choir.” Each book of The Cabana Chronicles series is written in a dialogue format because I want to present all opinions and want to encourage the reader to engage in the discussions.



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