What does it mean to be saved?

What does it mean to be saved? The late, great theologian of our times, Dr. R. C. Sproul answered this question in his last sermon on November 26, 2017 at Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, Florida. Here’s an excerpt from that sermon.

“What does it mean to be saved? It means, as the Scriptures tell us, to be rescued from the wrath that is to come.

God’s wrath as we’re told in Romans, is revealed to the whole world, and the Bible makes it abundantly clear that there awaits a judgment. The greatest calamity that anybody can ever imagine is to be sentenced to hell.

The author of Hebrews (Hebrews 2:1-4) raises the question, how do we escape if we neglect so great a salvation? We’ve heard the Word of God. It’s a message of good news, not just good news, great news; not just great news, the greatest of all possible news, that those who believe in Christ will be saved from the wrath which is to come. How can you possibly neglect it in the first place? That’s not the question the author is asking here. He says, how can you possibly escape? The question is, how can you possibly neglect such a great salvation?

Beloved, if you come to church every single Sunday of your life, and go to Sunday school every single week of your life, you may still be neglecting this great salvation. Is your heart in it? That’s what I’m asking you. And you know I can’t answer that question for you. You know if you’re neglecting your salvation. You know that. I don’t have to tell it to you. I just have to tell you what the consequences are if you continue in that neglect. So, I pray with all my heart that God will awaken each one of us today to the sweetness, the loveliness, the glory of the gospel declared by Christ.

Let’s pray. We thank You, O Jesus, that You are for us; You are the great escape. We’re thankful that because of You and what You’ve done for us we have nothing to fear from the wrath that is to come. But we pray, O God, that You would feed our souls, cause us to hunger and thirst after You as the deer pants after the mountain stream. Ignite a flame in our hearts that we may not neglect You but pursue You with everything we have. For we ask You in Your name. Amen. ”

Dr. Sproul has passed on to a greater glory, and I miss him, but he lives on in his teachings on video, his many books, and his legacy of Ligonier Ministries.


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