Worldview and Politics

As I’ve pointed out several times in The Cabana Chronicles series of books, our worldview determines how we think about politics. In my first book and my follow-up The Religions of Secular Humanism and Christianity, I pointed out that secular humanists focus on man saving himself from destruction. They believe that we can attain world peace by going soft and making nice to other nations, even rogue nations like Iran. Christians understand man’s inherent sin always trips us up in attaining such an admirable objective, and we also know man can’t be trusted.  Historically, Iran’s track record hasn’t inspired anyone to trust them.

Although he may have confessed to being a Christian, through his words and deeds, President Barack Obama indicated that he leans more towards the belief system of secular humanist. In one of their stated objectives in their Manifesto, secular humanists state their goal is global unification to attain world peace. They are big backers of the United Nations. Coddling up to other nations like Iran is one way of trying to achieve that objective, and that is exactly what Obama did in ramming through his Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in 2015.

According to Steve Forbes in his editorial in Forbes magazine, “This agreement put Iran on a glide path to legally developing nuclear weapons in less than a decade. In effect, it gave a free hand to develop the ballistic missiles that could deliver those weapons of annihilation to the U.S., not to mention to Europe and to Iran’s neighbors in the Mideast, principally Israel. So poor a negotiator was the former president that he didn’t insist on such conditions as Iran’s ceasing its massive support of terrorism, its egregious human rights abuses and its imperialistic ambitions to make Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq into visual satraps of Tehran and to turn Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the gulf oil countries into satellites.” No wonder historians have already weighed in on rating Obama very weak on foreign policy.

Right now many liberals, many of whom confess to be secular humanists, are criticizing President Trump for refusing to rectify Iran’s compliance with Obama’s flawed deal, and, most recently, have been very critical of him stirring up tensions in the Middle East by revealing his intent to make Jerusalem the capitol of Israel. The reality is that tension among these nations is a way of life for them and has been that way for many, many, many years. In our own times, American presidents have been trying to reconcile Arabs with Jews and everyone else in the world for decades to no avail.

So then, the objective of world peace is a pipe dream, and instead we need to be focused on stopping Iran from further development of nuclear missiles. Europe should obviously be supporting us in this effort because they have more to lose than we do if things get out of hand. As the old Kingston Trio song (“The Merry Minuet”) goes, “and we know for certain that some lovely day, someone will set the spark off and we will all be blown away.”

As Forbes concludes, we need to either “fix” the Iran nuclear deal or “nix it.” “A nuclear-armed, religiously fanatic and ambitious Iran is a far greater long-term threat than North Korea.” Whether one likes Trump or not, it’s obvious we now have a president who understands the enemy’s motives and understands what must be done to keep him in check.  So, what’s the plan, Stan?

Forbes supports the U.S. Treasury Department’s designation of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (which controls one third of their economy) as a terrorist entity which enables us to impose hurtful sanctions on Iran. “We must also follow through and impose crippling sanctions on Hezbollah (which reported has 150,000 rockets aimed at Israel). There are other measures, such as no-fly zones in Syria, that would help thwart Iranian imperialist ambitions.” None of these actions of course would be taken if Barack Obama were president. A person’s world view isn’t just an opinion, it can have disastrous affects on humanity if it’s an incorrect one.  I believe we now have a president who will take these actions Forbe’s recommends. One of the main purposes of government is to protect its citizens. I believe we finally have a man in office who understands that mandate.







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